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I have original tapes and something called turbo tapes how do I start these?
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Make sure your cassette player is attached to your Commodore computer, rewind the tape.

Most tapes have the same program on both sides of the tape, but some don't, instead the might have several levels and/or additional contents, so if you're unsure start using Side A.

For originals

now it's time to load the program,

  • either hold the SHIFT key while hitting RUN/STOP
  • or type in LOAD and hit the ENTER key

the computer will ask you to PRESS PLAY ON TAPE, do so now. After a while you'll see the text

FOUND <name-of-game>

You can press the SPACE or Commodore key (C=) or wait a few more seconds, the tape will continue to load. When the program is done loading it will auto start if you pressed the SHIFT / RUN/STOP, if you typed in LOAD <enter> a cursor waiting for your next command will be waiting for you. Type in RUN and hit the ENTER key.

Usually this information is written on the cassette cover.


For turbo tapes

Usually the turbo program is located as the first program on the cassette tape, load this using the above information.

After running the program all you need to do is to repeat the procedure of LOADing again without rewinding.

One of the most wellknown turbo's is the ABC Turbo which shows a new screen in dark and light gray and black text.

If you make a soft-reset if the computer you can go back to the turbo program by entering SYS288 followed by hitting ENTER.

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