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My Amiga doesn't start up and shows X color

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My Amiga doesn't boot, and it shows X color.

And doesn't show the disk loading screen.
asked Mar 4, 2015 in Amiga by Tomse C64 (174 points)

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The bootup screen colors mean something for each color. If you don't end up seeing the bootscreen, you might see these colors.

For black screen the system doesn't work and doesn't even start the initial selftest.


Quoting the Amiga 4000 User's Guide (Chapter 7-3) below (ED: The Passed test colours have been modified to fit the actual screen, it says Light Gray for all 3 in the manual, but the screen changes colors)

Test Status



Passed Test

Dark Gray

Initial hardware configuration tests passed


Light Gray

Initial system software tests passed



Final initialization test passed

Failed Test


ROM error



Chip RAM error



Custom chips error



680x0 detected error before software trapped it (GURU)

Here's something you might want to try to help fix your Amiga.



answered Mar 4, 2015 by Tomse C64 (174 points)
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